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Jackpot Combo can be paired with the Jackpot PFD. 

Racing ultra light combo. Combination of Zephyr jacket and Jackpot splinter.


The advantage is lightness of material and technical qualities. ZEPHYR is manufactured from cellulose based Carboflex. The inner layer is specially designed to slides over the body of the competitor in any movement and minimizes the resistance of the jacket. We used the neoprene sleeves and neck with a very flexible and thinner neospan that the rider almost does not feel.

Spray Deck :

A new-generation racing kayak Spray Deck. We recommend using it in combination with the Jackpot Jacket. Spray Deck is equipped with a special pocket in front of a neoprene pad, which is fitted with an additional padded jacket pad. The pocket is shaped so that the additional foam cushion fits perfectly below the collar at the front. It is made of very light elastic knitted fabric with PU coating, which does not increase the weight of the spade.