OFFICIAL Product approved by the ICF for Canoe Slalom Racing


A new generation racing vest certified by the International ICF Federation, certified to 12402-5.

In this vest, part of the load capacity and therefore volume of the front and rear panels are located in the external foam cushion. The external cushion slides into the pocket on the spit. The front and rear waist panels are extremely thin, allowing the vest to optimally adhere to the body. The reduced and reduced foam in the work piece allows to minimize the distance between the body of the competitor and the rods during the passage of the slalom gates. The external foam cushion slides into the pocket on the spit. After attaching the spike, it fits into the hole precisely and stays below the collar at the front. The external pillow is an integral part of the vest and is firmly connected to it with a flexible neoprene belt. At the curve of the competitor, the pillow firmly sits in the pocket of the spray deck, and the racer’s movements dampen a flexible neoprene belt that even holds the vest in place in its maximum suspension. The vest has an internal system of high-strength straps, Flexible elastic neoprene legs with fixed stop. The three side straps from which the middle of them are elastic. We recommend using the belt with a compatible spike or spike jacket. Do not modify or modify the vest.

Under no circumstances reduce the lifting capacity of the vest.

size XS S / M L / XL 2XL
User weight (kg) 30-60 30 – 75 50-90 80+
Displacement (N) 50 54 54 54