Spring is approaching us pretty quickly and that means more people will be getting their kayaks our of the shed and hitting the rivers, beaches and lakes! If you have been out throughout winter awesome work and feel free to share you adventures with us!

We would encourage you to spend one of these winter days in the shed,  go through your gear and make sure it is in good condition and if anything needs repairing do it over winter so when its warmer you make the most of it!!

If you are using rescue kit to spend some time to go through it and check for any nicks, mould or any worn gear as you dont want to leave it to when it counts to find out it is falling apart. Remember just because it is not being used it doesnt mean it wont perish – if it gets wet it can rot over time.

If you need to replace anything in your rescue kit or would like to know when and where there are rescue courses then get in touch with us.

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